Excalibur Dehydrator

With over 35 years of manufacturing experience the Excalibur company has set industry standards for quality, design and dependability. Excalibur has earned a reputation as the finest name in food dehydration. Every day millions rediscover the benefits of making and eating healthy food and food dehydration can play a huge role. Excaliber sells tools that help you get healthy, nutritious and delicious food at huge cost savings. Excalibur makes food dehydration easy and saving money easier. For as long as there are historical records foodstuffs have been sun-dried, in the open air  a lengthy, tedious and messy process, inviting contamination and spoilage. When electric dehydrators were first introduced they were a big step forward, but most manufacturers sold units with inefficient heating units located in the bottom of the unit. Excalibur introduced a rear-mounted equipment design that allowed horizontal / parallel air flow  what they dubbed The Parallexx System. These Excalibur innovations ensure that the company continues to be a leader in worldwide dehydration technology. All Excalibur Models reflect the combined knowledge of the Excalibur staff who have logged over 35 years of dehydration R&D. Product lines include the Excalibur Four-Tray Food Dehydrator which includes a complete drying system installed in the rear of the unit, the Excaliber 9 Timer/Dehydrator, and other fine products. Call with questions about Excalibur's outstanding dehydration products.