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Why use meat processing products to process your own meat?
Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for mass-produced sausages, jerky, and other meat products that lack actual flavor, are loaded with additives and preservatives, and contain unwanted animal parts? Are you tired of shipping deer and other wild game to meat processors without knowing how the meat will be processed? If you responded "yes" to any of these questions, then processing your own meat could be a good choice for you!


Taste: - It's not a secret that homemade sausage, jerky, and meat cuts taste better than commercially processed products. When you process your own meat, you can add your own preferred blend of seasonings and spices.

Cost: Sausage and jerky made at home is less expensive than mass-produced sausage and jerky.

Health: Homemade sausage is better for your health, as well as the health of those who get to enjoy it with you. You're in full control of the fat and salt content, and you will not have to worry about the addition of chemicals, preservatives, and other additives.

Quality: You are in control of what cuts of meat are used in sausage and jerky made at home. You can eliminate all worry of lips, ears, and other unwanted miscellaneous parts being used in the sausage and jerky you are consuming.

Control: If a friend or game processor processes newly caught deer or other wild game, you do not have control over what procedures are used. They might include "leftovers" from other game animals in your processed meat, and you will not be able to determine which cuts of the animal were used in making the sausage. has everything you need to successfully process your own meat and make homemade sausage and jerky. We have all of the meat processing products you need to process your own deer or game, or simply create some great Italian sausage or bratwurst from meat you buy from the butcher or grocery store.