Sausage Maker

Considered by processed-meat cognoscenti to be the ultimate resource for anglers, hunters, farmers and restaurant professionals, The Sausage Maker Inc. was founded in 1972, after a long incubation period during which founder Rytek Kutas researched and developed his product line, creating products for beginner and expert alike. If you like to take meats and transform them into sausage, Sausage Maker has the products you've been longing for. The product line includes a variety of both manual and electric sausage stuffers as well as butchering tools, casings, hamburger presses, jerky-making and meat-curing tools and much more. The Sausage Maker embraces time-honored traditions of domestic food preparation, with a twist - using a variety of spices and seasonings amateur and professional gourmets can produce a truly mind-boggling variety of sausages, jerkys and smoked meats. Call with questions about the Sausage Makers outstanding commercial and home use sausage making products.