16" x 16" Non-Stick Mesh Dehydrator Mats 16-Pack, Model# 16-NS40M

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Item Code: BF-16-NS40M
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  • 16" x 16" Non-Stick Mesh Dehydrator Mats 16-Pack, Model# 16-NS40M
  • 16" x 16" Non-Stick Mesh Dehydrator Mats 16-Pack, Model# 16-NS40M
  • 16" x 16" Non-Stick Mesh Dehydrator Mats 16-Pack, Model# 16-NS40M
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Sold in packs of 16 per order
Designed to fit seamlessly with our entire commercial range of dehydrators, excluding the 28 Tray unit
Copper-colored mats measuring 16" x 16" for use with standard commercial trays, whether mesh or pan
Made from 100% PFOA-Free materials and featuring a premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating, free from PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals
Certified as safe and approved by the FDA, ensuring peace of mind regarding food safety
Withstands temperatures of up to 500F, preventing small food items from falling through the mesh and keeping stainless steel trays clean
Constructed with advanced materials that are heat-resistant and won't burn, ensuring longevity and safety
Can be used on both sides and endure over 1000 uses, providing long-lasting value
Easy to clean and maintain, these mats are dishwasher safe for added convenience

Product Description

You're viewing our premium mesh non-stick mats, expertly designed for compatibility with our entire commercial range, ensuring efficient and hassle-free dehydration. Please note that these mats are not suitable for our 28 Tray unit, as it requires the larger 20" x 33.5" size mats. These non-stick mats, with a striking copper finish, are perfectly sized at 16" x 16" to seamlessly fit any of our standard commercial range dehydrator trays, whether you're using mesh or pan trays. Crafted from 100% PFOA-Free materials, these mats feature a premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating, free from harmful chemicals such as PFOA and silicone. They have been rigorously tested, certified as safe, and approved by the FDA. With an impressive heat resistance of up to 500F, these mats are guaranteed to keep small food items from slipping through the mesh and maintain the pristine condition of your stainless steel trays. Constructed with advanced heat-resistant materials, they are designed not to burn, ensuring both safety and durability. What sets these mats apart is their reusability - they can be used on both sides and withstand over 1000 uses. Plus, they are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Upgrade your dehydration process with these versatile, long-lasting, and FDA-approved non-stick mats. Keep your trays clean, your food secure, and your peace of mind intact. Contact us with any questions you have about this item.

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