Waring Commercial 3 Station Knife Sharpener, Model# WKS800

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  • Waring Commercial 3 Station Knife Sharpener, Model# WKS800
  • Waring Commercial 3 Station Knife Sharpener, Model# WKS800
  • Waring Commercial 3 Station Knife Sharpener, Model# WKS800
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Two grinding wheels (fine and coarse) plus one stropping wheel provide maximum sharpness and polish
Grinds at 18? to 22? angles-the optimum angles recommended by knife manufacturers for best performance
Stropping wheel operates in reverse direction for more efficient blade polishing and removal of burrs.
Magnetized drawer under grinding wheel captures metal shavings and makes cleanup easier
Compact footprint makes it easy to use on countertops or store away in cabinets or on shelves
Save on knife-sharpening service charges
Limited One-Year Warranty

Product Description

Effortlessly sharpen your knives with the Waring Commercial 3 Station Knife Sharpener. Model# WKS800 provides precise sharpening for a variety of blades.

Ensure your kitchen knives are always sharp and ready for use with the Waring WKS800 Three-Station Knife Sharpener. This compact and efficient unit is designed to grind your knives at optimum angles recommended by knife manufacturers, resulting in the sharpest blades possible. The sharpener features two grinding wheels: one fine and one coarse, allowing you to choose the level of sharpening required for your knives. The stropping wheel, which runs in the reverse direction, provides efficient blade polishing and removes burrs effectively, further enhancing the sharpness of your knives. By grinding at 18–22-degrees angles, the Waring WKS800 ensures that your knives are sharpened to the optimum angles suggested by knife manufacturers. This guarantees precise and consistent results every time you sharpen your blades. Cleaning up is a breeze with the magnetized drawer located under the grinding wheel. It conveniently captures metal shavings, preventing them from scattering and making it easy to dispose of them properly. The Waring WKS800 Three-Station Knife Sharpener is a versatile tool for maintaining the sharpness of your kitchen knives. With its multiple grinding wheels, reverse stropping wheel, and magnetized drawer, it offers a comprehensive solution for sharpening, polishing, and removing burrs from your blades. Keep your knives in top condition and enjoy precise cutting performance with this reliable knife sharpener.
Product Warranty:
This item has a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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