Thunder Group

Thunder Group began its existence humbly: they were established as a small firm in Keelung, a diminutive Taiwanese city. Since its founding the Thunder Group has grown into one of the most influential international distributors and manufacturers of flatware, melamineware, restaurantware and assorted kitchenware. Boasting manufacturing facilities throughout the whole of Asia, with distribution centers scattered around the globe, the Thunder Group has a mission, and that mission is to provide their customers with high-quality products in the largest selection available today. Innovative products and competitive prices are part of the game plan. The Thunder Group strives to provide the highest standards of innovation, quality and safety. Because they know it is of paramount importance to their customers, they make complete product lines with NSF, AGA, and UL approval. The Thunder Group product line includes Tankless Water Heaters, Work Tables, Shelving, Asian Cookware, Food Prep Equipment, Kitchen Utensils and many, many other products. The Thunder Group sells an extensive line of Catering and Banquet accessories, including roll-top oval and rectangular chafing dishes, food storage receptacles and a huge line of tabletop items. Call with questions about The Thunder Group's outstanding smallwares products.