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What's Better? Propane or Natural Gas

At Meat Processing Products, we offer hundreds of types of equipment. While most things are electric now-a-days, some backyard cookware and select restaurant appliances still use a gas as a fuel source. Here we break down the difference in Propane over Natural Gas.

LPG also known as Liquid Propane Gas, or Propane for short, is more portable than Natural Gas (NG). Propane burns hotter than Natural Gas and commonly found in backyard grills or portable heaters, as well as many other applications. While Propane may burn hotter, it is more expensive over Natural Gas. Propane does not contain lead, which makes it a environmental friendly solution to heat homes and cook food in your backyard. Make sure you consult your owners manual on any gas equipment.

Natural Gas offers a more cost effective solution and more readily available as you have a constant supply. Natural Gas does burn cleaner over Propane. One downfall to Natural Gas is installation, you should hire a professional to install any gas lines to prevent leaks or potential fire hazards.

Weather you choose Natural Gas or Propane for your grill may not matter to most however, know many items cannot be converted from one to the other.

Select commercial appliances found on may include a "gas conversion kit", for your gas appliance can be converted from Propane to Natural. Many backyard cookers are propane, these items cannot be converted. Consult your owners manual or contact us if you have any questions on gas products.

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