Nemco Food Equipment

In 1976 Ed Neidhardt responded to persistent customer demand and started his own machine shop in the small town of Hicksville, Ohio. With some help from his father and his brother Gene, Ed developed a small device that could cut potatoes into curled shapes. This company's first product was thus a device that produced what NEMCO called a Spiral Fry, but which the world would choose to call a Curly Fry. That was surely an auspicious start, but they didn't stop there. Today the NEMCO Company manufactures more than 600 products for foodservice companies around the world. Need manually-operated food prep equipment? That's just a part of NEMCO's lineup, but it's an essential part. NEMCO carries their famed French Fry cutters and also lettuce and all-purpose vegetable cutters. If you need hot dog display and cooking equipment, counter top warmers, waffle or cone bakers, countertop ovens or cup dispensers, look to NEMCO for innovation and quality merchandise. The NEMCO product line also includes pasta boilers and a varied assortment of sandwich and pizza merchandising equipment. NEMCO also is the proud manufacturer of the BusBoy brand of commercial disposers, widely considered the best and most durable in the industry. Call with questions about NEMCO's outstanding equipment products.