Maxx Ice

It's cold inside - inside one of Maxx Ice's fabulous commercial Ice Making Machines, that is. These machines can be found in any number of your more discerning, higher-end food service establishments. They say a great salesman can sell ice to Eskimos but the superb quality and workmanship of the Maxx Ice line makes Eskimos of us all. These outstanding machines range in capacity from 25 to 250 pounds per day and each and every Maxx Ice machine is not only UL certified but also NSF-approved. Take for example a Maxx Ice Machine right in the middle of the ice capacity range - Maxx Ice's popular 100-pound per day machine. The ice type produced by this machine is individual cube and the storage capacity is 35 pounds. This compact machine is ideal for built-in or freestanding applications and has an air-cooled condenser. The automatic overfill protection will keep downtime to a minimum while the machine's state-of-the-art cleaning cycle and built in gravity drain make maintenance and cleaning a breeze. If you've got a huge need for ice for large-volume operations, Maxx Ice also sells an Ice Storage unit that will store a whopping 430 pounds of ice. This Ice Storage unit has a stainless steel exterior and inside boasts a tough poly liner. Call with questions about Maxx Ice's outstanding commercial ice products.