The Insinger Machine Company stands for integrity, quality and innovation. The company's history stretches over 120 years and has been a leading light of the commercial dishwasher industry. With the very first patent in 1935 for a stainless steel dishwasher Insinger proudly continues this tradition of excellence today. Insinger's latest technological innovation is something they call the VRS (that stands for Ventless Reclamation System)  a system and retains heat within the dishwasher system itself without the need of a projecting hood. Using refrigerants that are environmentally-friendly (unlike competing systems of heat recovery) the VRS excels at the efficient recapture and re-utilization of formerly wasted heat. The savings in this heat recovery can be amazing: commercial clients can see savings of more than $7,000 annually in electrical and assorted energy expenditures and, since the VRS doesn't require an installed hood, you save that additional construction cost. The product line includes Undercounter, Counter, Door Type, Rack Conveyor, Flight and many other varieties of dishwasher. Serving the commercial healthcare, education, military, hospitality and corrections markets, the InSinger corporation is still family-owned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Call with questions about InSinger's outstanding commercial dishwashing products.