Crown Verity

Crown Verity was founded by Bill Verity in 1991, launching a company that would go on to provide food and beverage professionals with the highest quality portable grills in the industry. Crown Verity manufactures not only barbecue grills but patio heaters and portable sinks. Other product lines include commercial fryers, steamers and towable grills. In all their product lines, Crown Verity emphasizes the highest quality in all its products, using only the finest quality construction and materials. When you make a machine with stainless steel components, it costs more  because over the years consumers have decided that it's worth it. The heaters, sinks, fasteners, cooking grates, lighter tubes and water pans sold by Crown Verity are all high quality stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. Crown Verity charbroilers last virtually forever. Call with questions about Crown Verity's outstanding commercial grilling products.