Bradley Smoker 24 Pack Oak Bisquettes, Model# BTOK24

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  • Bradley Smoker 24 Pack Oak Bisquettes, Model# BTOK24
  • Bradley Smoker 24 Pack Oak Bisquettes, Model# BTOK24
  • Bradley Smoker Flavor Guide for Wood Smoking Bisquettes
Continuous smoke provides even smoking of meat
Permeates food with a delicious smoky flavor
Bisquettes burn once every 20 minutes
Burn only until charcoal stage to avoid tars and resins in your food
Created from natural hardwood

Product Description

You're viewing our Bradley Smoker 24 pack oak bisquettes. Oak permeates food with a rich flavor, excellent with wild game, beef, pork, or wild turkey. This oak wood flavor is assertive and very versatile. Bradley flavor bisquettes are the secret to the clean, true smoke flavor of foods smoke/cooked in the Bradley Smoker. Each flavor bisquette burns for twenty minutes resulting in clean tasting food with no aftertaste. To produce the bisquettes, the hardwood chippings are bound together using precise quantities, at controlled pressures and densities. The flavor of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned. The Bradley Smoker burns a flavor bisquette once every 20 minutes producing a clean smoke flavor. As each is burnt, it is gently pushed from the burner element by the next bisquette, to be extinguished in the pot of water. The cycle continues for as long as the Bradley Smoker is loaded with bisquettes. When wood burns, the smoke flavor is produced in the initial minutes of the burn. Wood chippings or sawdust, burnt for too long, impart a distinct after-taste to smoked food. The flavor would also be affected by fluctuating high temperatures, gases and resins. However, with the Bradley flavor Bisquettes, you get perfect results every time you smoke. Bradley flavor bisquettes are rendered from the natural hardwoods, without additives. Tests held by the British Columbia Institute of Technology have demonstrated that Bradley flavor bisquettes produce smoke four times cleaner than smoke produced by identical chippings burnt in a fry pan or burn box. Our Oak bisquettes are a unique way to let your food taste of the great outdoors. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our products.

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