Kapoosh Hot Glove, Model# hgr2

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Item Code: ARY-HGR2
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Use gloves for removing hot pots and pans from the stove or inside the oven
Safely add logs into burning fireplace
Use when grilling
Change hot light bulbs with glove
Offers protection from heat up to 660F.
One size fits all

Product Description

You're viewing our new and improved Kapoosh Hot Gloves. These useful gloves protect your hands from burning up to temperatures as high as 660 degree F while not restricting movement of your hands like mitts do. They're new and improved in that they now feature silicone grips and printing on the palm that gives both a more secure grip and adds to their durability. They're great for the oven but also for grilling, changing hot bulbs, putting logs in the fire, or anywhere you need protection from high temperatures. Note that the glove extends the amount of time you can handle hot objects, its not permanent protection against heat. Kapoosh's Hot Glove is a very handy kitchen and household tool that'll save you a lot of pain and better help you maneuver when cooking. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our products. Scroll down to view our Kapoosh Hot Gloves.

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