VacMaster 11.5" X 13" Flat 3MM Chamber Vacuum Bags 250 Count, Model# 40726

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Item Code: ARY-40726
Best Price Guarantee
Puncture resistant pouches shield food from freezer burn and dehydration, keeping food fresh up to 5x longer
BPA-free and FDA approved
Sold in packs of 250 per order
Compatible with most chamber vacuum sealers
Will not work in traditional suction external sealers

Product Description

The VacMaster 40726 Chamber Vacuum Bags, your ultimate solution for preserving the freshness and quality of your food items. Each order includes a generous count of 250 flat bags, ensuring you have an ample supply to meet your food storage needs. These pouches are designed to be puncture-resistant, providing exceptional protection against freezer burn and dehydration, which means your food stays fresh up to 5 times longer. Rest easy knowing that these bags are BPA-free and FDA approved, ensuring the safety of your stored food items. They are compatible with most chamber vacuum sealers, delivering a professional-grade sealing experience. Please note that they are not compatible with traditional suction external sealers. Elevate your food preservation game with VacMaster 40726 Chamber Vacuum Bags and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with top-quality food storage solutions.

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