A dynamic industry thought leader since 1938, Steril-Sil has come up with a number of innovative firsts for the food service industry: for example, after almost 80 years founder Edward Stiller's unique silverware cylinder design is still the industry standard. This silverware cylinder, along with the TC-4 silver countertop dispenser, were the company's first products and continue to be in wide use. But Steril-Sil hasnt rested on its considerable laurels. The manufacturer was one of the first companies to introduce nylon plastic into foodservice equipment, and soon injection-molded, heavy-duty nylon cylinders were ubiquitous in the industry. Deep-drawn, one-piece, stainless steel cylinders for silverware joined the ranks of Steril-Sil products beginning in 1958 and these products remain the premium cylinders for the foodservice industry. After more than 70 years in the Boston area, in 2014 Steril-Sil moved its headquarters to Mohnton, PA where the company continues to create innovative, unique and superbly crafted products. Product lines include complete silverware handling systems, sorting and soaking equipment, washing and transport equipment, condiment and silverware dispensing supplies, ice-cooled utility holders, three-hold countertop dispensers, wall-mounted sorting shelf, drop-in silverware baskets, napkin dispensers, straw dispensers, half-size hotel pan inserts, transport carts and more.