VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Bone Guards (roll), Model# 40720

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Item Code: ARY-40720
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Perforated Sheets Measure 4.5" X 5"
50' Roll
120 Sheets per roll
Perforated every 5"
FDA Compliant (21 CFR)

Product Description

The best bag protection is provided with the VacMaster Bone Guard Film. Use Bone Guard to prevent piercing holes in your vacuum bags to reduce packing costs and leakage. One of the most affordable methods of lowering pouch failures like snags is Bone Guard. The 50' roll of 4.5" X 5" transparent perforated sheets enables for simple application. To avoid tearing or puncturing the package, place the VacMaster Bone Guard over any sharp edges or bones that need to be vacuumed. Your pouches will be shielded from even the sharpest bones by the sturdy 13-mil thick material. Contact us with any questions you have about this item.

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