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Sausage Maker Curing Culture Bactoferm T-SPX (Pediococcus Pentosaceus & Staphylococcus Xylosus), Model# 11-1311

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Freeze Dried Bactoferm T-Spx Culture
For slow or mild acidification
Results in no sour flavor and less acidity
Enhances fermented meats? appearance and aromatic flavor
Aids in moisture removal / Nitrate breakdown for efficient curing
Net Weight: 25g / enough for 200kg (440 lbs)
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Manufacturer Model #: 11-1311

This Bactoferm T-Spx from T.S.M. (model 11-1311) is used for slow or mild acidification and results in no sour flavor and less acidity while enhancing fermented meats' appearance and aromatic flavor. Also aids in removal of moisture as well as the breakdown of Nitrate for efficient curing. If you are using T-Spx for a traditional means of drying then this culture won't lower pH level but the culture will aid in lowering aW (water activity). Recommended for use in products that need at minimum 1 month drying time; do use this product for fermentation in temperatures over 75F. Note: this item has a limited shelf life when not in a freezer and therefore cannot be shipped outside the territory of North America.
Included instructions for making 10 lb. increments
Store in Freezer (<2?F)
Can?t be shipped outside North America
Alt Sku#: 11-1311
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